Slice seeding

Slice Seeding
Slice seeding is a process of creating slices through the thatch layer to the soil.  It is an effective method of planting grass seed to supplement or add to the current lawn without damaging the existing healthy lawn.
How slice seeding works
A slice seeder is made of two basic parts: 1) slicing knives that cut through the thatch and soil, and 2) seeder that places the seed into the cuts made by the slicing knives.  Slice seeding provides proper seed to soil contact and results in exceptional germination and growth rates.  Many lawns that have become thin or patch are often covered by a layer of thatch.  This thatch can come from many sources, but typically comes from the grass that used to grow in that spot.  The slices in the soil will not only create a nice bed for the new seed to be sowed into, but will also provide a path for water and fertilizer to reach the roots of your lawn.   The added benefit of slice seeding is that the existing grass will benefit from opening up the thatch layer.  There are occasions when the thatch layer is too thick to slice seed without some preparation.  A preliminary step of removing excessive thatch may be required.  Please call us today at 774-245-1336 to contact us regarding slice seeding for your lawn today.