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Hydro seeding is a cost effective solution for creating a beautiful lawn, or stabilizing soil. Hydro seeding can be done for a fraction of the cost of installing sod.   Depending upon the weather conditions, results can be seen in as little as 5 days.  Hydro seeding gives you a head start on a beautiful lawn, or stops your soil from washing away.

Cortland Property Maintenance uses high quality materials for hydro seeding such as wood mulch, granular starter fertilizer, lime, and grass seed.  Wood mulch tends to hold more moisture than cellulose or paper mulch.  This reduces the amount of water that you must apply to keep your new lawn adequately watered.  Granular starter fertilizer will work into the soil over time.  This helps the lawn receive nutrients as it grows.  Lime helps adjust the acidity of the soil.  In New England, all lawns need a regular dose of lime to stay healthy.  Our standard grass seed is a Tall Fescue blend that combines three different types of tall fescue, and small amounts of Perennial Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass.  This blend creates a lush, dark green lawn that, once established, is more resistant to our typical July—August droughts.  Again, the result is less water applied by the home owner.

Other seed blends, including wildflowers are available.

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