Compost Delivery and Spreading

We have high quality, locally produced compost. Compost is created from large quantities of leaves (brown matter) and grass clippings.  Heat generated from the decomposing process makes weed seeds inert.  Compost is most often used to supplement soil that has been depleted of nutrients. The compost is also capable of holding moisture longer.  Compost can be spread across a lawn (top dressing) without affecting the appearance of the lawn.  Giving the grass a new, natural source of required nutrients, and a way to keep the roots moist.

Compost can also be added to vegetable gardens and flower beds for the same reason.

We can deliver or install compost.

Compost is available as unscreened (may contain sticks, rocks, etc), or 1/2" screened (no objects larger than 1/2 inch). Please call us at 774-245-1336 to discuss your compost plans or needs.