New Lawn Maintenance


Do NOT begin watering until the mulch has completely dried out. The glue in the mix needs to dry out in order to be effective. On a sunny day, this will only take a few hours.

Watering - The lawn should be watered twice a day for approximately 20 minutes. Puddles should just start to form, but there should not be any standing water. If you are watering enough, the mulch will not completely dry out before you water again. The mulch turns a pale color when it is dry. Watering can be scaled back as the grass begins to mature.

Fertilizing:  In approximately 4 weeks, starter fertilizer (18-24-12) should be applied to the lawn.  Weed and feed should not be applied to the lawn for at least 10 weeks after seeding.

Weed and feed, if applied too soon, will kill or damage young seedlings.

Mowing:  Your new lawn should be mowed when the grass is approximately three inches tall, and as often as required after that.